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Moto X from Google Motorola, A Complete Roundup

Google & Motorola Mobility

Google acquired Motorola mobility back on 15 august 2011 when if become an independent company at a price of 40$ per share. What the outcome of the deal would be was very clear, cheaper and smarter phones for the people to compete in the raging smartphone market. Google's Android, an open source operating system with the device technology of Motorola would bring about excellence in the final product.

Birth of the Moto X

The Leak: Google didn't interfere with Motorola since the buy out. But then during early days of May there was a leak on the internet (Evleaks) about a phone, which was marked XT912A. The leaked pictures all sported a different Motorola Logo, M enclosed within a dotted circle. But this was not it the leaks accompanied the specs of the device as well
  •        720p Display,
  •        1.7GHz dual core Snap Dragon S4 Pro,
  •        10 MP back camera with a 2 MP front camera for video calling,
  •        2GB ram and 16GB Internal Storage
  •        2200mah Battery. 

But it wasn't Until the D11 conference on 29th may 2013 that Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside announce the company plans of launching a new range of Mobile phone starting with its flagship Phone named the Moto X.
There is a lead device, it will be called Moto X. Motorola has always been good at managing power on the device, but we're really good at managing sensors. We know when it's in your pocket, we know when it's in your hand, and it’s going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras.The device will know when you're in the car and it's moving at 60mph and you'll interact with it differently, more safely

He even said that the company is now looking forward to making high end phones at low cost to counter the likes of iPhone and Galaxy. This will be the first phone from Motorola with a Google touch.


Over the Internet where was a buzz 
about the rebranding of Motorola mobility, basically the Logo of the company was changed and line was added "a Google company". This was probably the point where Google was getting ready for a new start for Motorola mobility as a company who had basically been out of the smartphone competition but were once the pioneers in the industry.
This was followed by an advertisement, which was issued as a full-page show on the likes of The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. It focused on the fact that there have been phones like the HTC One X, LG's Optimus G and Motorola's own Razr Maxx HD were well received but then they didn't really become huge seller. They needed a new marketing strategy to take on the other two giants and that’s what they are doing, Ready to invest heavily in the marketing of the device to the regular non-geeky consumer. 

The Ad sported the new Motorola Logo and announced a great thing that we didn't really know about the phone as of now, That it will be customizable and Assempled in the USA. It created a rage online and that’s what they exactly wanted. Today as on the 4th of July they have given the customer an option to sign up for the news relating to the Moto X on their website.

Other Things

As of Today what we know about the Phone is that it would be launching sometime later this year and would be released in multiple storage options (Customizable). We have already mentioned the specifications of the phone above, which to be frank are not that great but then we have also mentioned that Motorola CEO wants it to compete with the iPhone and the Galaxy. Well, how does he plan on doing that? We have the answer and its the fact that the phone will be equipped with advanced sensoring techniques and it will know when the phone is in your pocket or in your hand, when are you taking it out to click a picture or when are you driving a car and would simply change the way it interacts with you. Apparently Google Voice would play an important role in the Driving Part.

As far as the customizations are concerned; you will NOT be able to customize the technical specifications of the phone unlike what much people were excited about. There will also be a standard Moto X, which will be sold through the carrier and the custom Moto X that will be sold directly from the Manufacturing Plant. Motorola Mobility is looking at employing 2000 employees for the production of the phone in a 500, 000 Sq. Ft  plant in Texas. This will ensure that the Phone reaches the hands of the customer just the few days after they place the custom Order.

In News, there were other leaks showing pictures of colorful back plates of the Motorola X today. You can also upload pictures when ordering for personal engravings on the back of the phone along with custom home screens and wallpapers. Are they living up to the Statement “1st smartphone you can design are they? Well that’s the best level of customization any company is offering right now, and the best part is that there’s some much more to come.

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