Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blackberry Announces Z30 : 5" Super AMOLED display, BB10.2, 1.7 GHz processor

Blackberry announced its new Z30 today. Thinking of expanding its Blackberry 10 smartphone, the Z30 is the largest and the Biggest Blackberry yet. The phone sports a 5-inch Super AMOLED display and is powered by 1.7GHz processor with quad-core graphics (No where close to what iPhone offers). The Blackberry large structure needs a large powerhouse and Blackberry has put in 2,880mAh unit, which is said to last 25 hours between charges.

Blackberry have put in additional improvements like “BlackBerry Natural Sound” in the stereo speakers. BBNS is designed to improve the sound on voice and video calls made over BBM. A handier improvement is the new antenna, which promises faster data speeds and fewer dropped calls.

Along with the new device Blackberry is also launching and upgrade to their OS with the BB10.2. Enhancements include a reworked Blackberry Hub. Priority Hub, which learns users habits over time to present what it deems are the most important messages from emails, social networks and other accounts. Though this feature is said to be smart, we aren’t sure if it’ll live up to the expectation or could be fully relied upon. Finally Blackberry has thought of putting a pop up to give a preview, when a BBM message is received instead of just an icon.

Blackberry 10.2 is expected to release for Z10, Q5 & Q10 in mid October and the Prices will be disclosed by the respective carriers.
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